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Shredding Instructions


AAA Security Shredding can easily shred the following items.  These items are OK to mix in your security shredding container.

Legal documents Accident reports Payroll records
Cancelled checks Contracts Computer print outs
Personnel files (terminated) Insurance policies Financial statements
Customer lists Expense records Price lists
Blueprints and maps HR files Technical information
Old invoices and bills Purchase orders Correspondence
Tax records Audit reports Advertising proofs
Proposals Time cards Contracts


1. AAA Security Shredding can destroy the following, but do not mix with paper in your security shredding container:

Microfilm Microfiche, X-rays Credit cards
Computer disks Computer tapes Video tapes
Security cards Carbon paper Transparencies

2. Items not accepted by AAA Security Shredding for shredding:

Newspaper Napkins, cups, paper plates 3-Ring binders
Plastic or metal spiral Cardboard Phonebooks
Magazines Glass or Plastic Trash