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AAA Security Shredding, Inc. offers you different shredding options that can be used separately or in combination.

1.  Recurring Scheduled Programs

We offer a systematic recurring service that will capture confidential material generated in the office.  No start-up costs or commitments.

2.  Non-Recurring Programs

Service As Needed
This flexible service is provided for your convenience.  Call in as needed, we will service you as soon as an opening is available in your area.

Non-Recurring/Purge Service
This service is suited for high volume bulk reduction of files and records, due to seasonal spikes, business relocation, special events or rotation of obsolete files.  Files that are maintained beyond recommended retention period may cause unnecessary liability.

Just leave behind your confidential but outdated material.  We will pick it up and shred it at the time you move.  You may leave the paper in boxes or loose.

3.  Other Services

Video-Tape Service
Available with any shredding session.

Off-Site Service
Please inquire.

Customer Observation Service
If you wish, you can view the process on a closed circuit TV monitor.

Certificate of Service
Certificates of Destruction provided upon completion by driver.

Credit Cards
We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.