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Compare The Advantages

Disadvantages of In-House Shredding

  • Disadvantages of In-House ShreddingEmployee cost: in-house shredding may cost your company as much as $80 per month.
  • Equipment & maintenance cost: in-house shredders break down often and may be unrepairable.
  • Boxes are kept under desks, unsecured, providing easy access to confidential material.
  • What to shred and/or not to shred is arbitrarily decided by employees, which could lead to information loss or theft.
  • Employees without "need to know" clearance have access to sensitive information about the organization, the clients and other employees.
  • Employees must remove staples, ACCO clips, rubber bands, paperclips, plastic and all metal to accommodate in-house shredding machines.
  • Office shredders are noisy, unsightly, dusty, heavy and take up valuable office space.
  • Employees get sidetracked from their job duties performing shredding activities.

Advantages of Atlanta's AAA Security Shredding

  • Advantages of Using AAA Security Shredding in AtlantaCost savings: we will show you how outsourcing to AAA Security Shredding may save you as much as 40-50% per year.
  • Cost savings: we provide and maintain state-of-the-art shredders so you don't have to. Even with the rising cost of fuel, there are no hidden fees, such as travel, mileage or fuel charges.
  • Locked containers are loaned - free of charge - with no start up costs or commitments.
  • Now you can shred everything economically and conveniently - preventing loss of your confidential information.
  • Information is protected from outsiders and unauthorized employees by use of secured collection containers.
  • No need to remove metal. We shred up to 6,000 pounds per hour or the equivalent of 150 Banker boxes of material.
  • Our trucks are quieter and faster than other trucks; therefore we spend less time on your site with lower decibel noise levels.
  • Experienced, uniformed driver/operators provide reliable service. All are bonded, insured, drug tested and security screened.

Additional Advantages

  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of each shred job.
  • If desired, your representative may view the destruction process via our on-board video system.  This videotape can be purchased for your more critical needs.
  • Accurate accountability and billing method.
  • Services tailored to your needs:  weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual.
  • Major purges/clean-outs in accordance with your industry standards (ISO, etc.).
  • Our disposal is done in an environmentally responsible fashion.     
  • Free estimates.
  • No job is too large or too small.